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The SVP (Saint Vincent de Paul) Society 
St Bede – Bedlington (1931) Conference

Could you spare a little time to help the St Bede SVP? 

What we do
  • At a local level we arrange visits to the sick and housebound in their homes and hospital/care homes. 
  • At St Bede's school, we contributed to the setting up of the Mini-Vinnies group                        for 7-11 year olds.
  • At national level we support the various charitable trusts, including our own                                 Holy Island Holiday Camp
  • At international level, we provide support to our twinned Conference in India,        including sponsorship of student nurses in training. In Sudan we  support                                 a baby feeding station
How can I help?
If you are willing to contribute any spare time (however small) for visiting or to volunteer your services for other roles, please make contact with one of your St Bede's representatives 

 John McGinn (07754 501405)             David Ward (07754 537096)


Categories of membership

Full member
Can participate in the  full range of conference activities, including visiting and hold offices (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer).  In order to help with visiting,  full members are required to to be DBS checked in line with safeguarding rules
Auxiliary member:
Only requires a simple registration which enables you to take office (e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer) and make a positive contribution to the success of the Conference

Does not require safeguarding checks or registration
Find out more about membership from the SVP website:
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